The Multiple Applications Of Carbon Fiber

With the advancements in technology and manufacturing processes, carbon fibers have got enhanced usages in several fields. Carbon fiber is basically made of several carbon atoms which get bonded together to make the long chain. The material that gets manufactured is super strong and extremely lightweight. It is almost five times stronger as compared to steel but on the contrary weighs quite less. There are several reputed manufacturers these days who excel in cutting carbon fiber of the best quality.

How Do Carbon Fibers Get Made? There are two sources from which carbon fiber get made- pitch and polyacrylonitrile. There are three stages of processing the carbon fiber which are stabilization, graphitization, and carbonization. Carbon fiber molding is also a vital process done by the manufacturers which make them marketable and easy for the customers to use.

Properties Of Carbon Fiber: It has an extremely high level of tensile strength The thermal expansion of the material is low It has low density and is also lightweight It is also a great electricity conductor The resistance capacity of carbon fiber is also quite high

Application Of Carbon Fiber To Multiple Fields:

Aeronautical Industry: The industries of the aircraft and aerospace use carbon fibers greatly. Metals like titanium and aluminum are getting replaced quite rapidly by carbon fibers owing to the lightweight that the materials have.

Automobile Industry: Several parts of the automobile like the bumper, bonnet, body parts of the vehicles, engine cover, etc. get made using carbon fiber.

Sports Industry: The material is quite useful in making lightweight golf sticks, badminton rackets and many other vital sports equipment which help the players in playing more smoothly.

Medical Field: Several medical instruments these days get made using carbon fiber. Many companies in the healthcare industry even design robots of carbon fibers for their internal operations.

Power Plant Industries: The blades of the wind turbines are of carbon fibers. This helps in making the blades quite light in weight and also offers the required stiffness to them.

The use of this material is not just restricted the above industries but is also getting widely used in designing diving instruments, racing cars and even for interior decorations. The fabrications of the carbon fibers have also become high-grade these days which contributes a great deal to the popularity of the material.